May 27, 2016- In the mood for love

Hello dear May on your way to go,

the weather was beautiful in London and this has triggered a mood for love to me… and probably to these couples who were kissing on the closest park, to pigeons and to other forms of life…

So how was this mood canalized in my case? I have recently developed a romantic interest for a Portuguese artist. It has been before my trip to Paris. I knew him before and found him moderately attractive. But there was not a particular spark between us.

In the spring colours, something about him became more enchanting. Was it something he said or the fact that he got on my nerves? Difficult to decide. The truth is, we don’t seem to agree on many things. Then why do we hand around together?

Probably because he doesn’t know that many people and this brings expats together somehow. I don’t hang out a lot with other French in the same way as other people. And my workplace is multicultural.

So I had an argument with the Portuguese and now he is avoiding to look at me or to talk to me directly. Is this called sulking?

In any case he points himself in front of me just to show me he doesn’t.

Is this serious? Or even grown up?



4 thoughts on “May 27, 2016- In the mood for love

  1. Such a beautiful thing spring can bring to us ~ and I like the way you put it: “In the spring colours, something about him became more enchanting.” There is always something strange about this part of the year for me too, although this year it seems work has become the only thing I’m enchanted by. Still, the magic of spring is just the right feeling, right mood ~ serious or childish, it doesn’t matter 🙂 Wish you a great weekend.

    • Randall thank you, it feels as if you read my post through some kind of beauty-fying lense! No wonder your photos are so awesome… I am glad to hear you are enchanted by your work, but you never know, love sometimes comes out of the blue 😉

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