May 11, 2016- Post day 16: preparing for a new trip to France and questions on love

Yes dear May,

what do you mean again? This time the trip to France is for my work: our team in London has an artistic project with some local artists. Believe it or not, after so many years living in Paris, I haven’t yet been to Rouen although it is only an hour or so by train. I am looking forward to visiting the famous cathedral and the historical old city.

But there is also a presentation of our artistic project I will need to do and this is not finished the time we are speaking. Why? I had some romantic questions on my mind. Am I in love again?

I am looking for the symptoms in the same way as I look for symptoms of the flu. I could be.

The situation concerns a Portuguese artist who is temporarily in London and we have become closer lately. But I realize that I have started thinking of him quiet a lot. Our approach to art is very different. He seems to be critical of mine and this is kind of tiring, to be honest. On the other hand I find him attractive.

Other people in my place would have taken action, been to hundreds of tinder rendezvous… Instead I have intellectual conversations with international artists which have not evolved into something romantic, … yet.