April 17, 2016, post day 4: changing attitude

Hello April,

today I was invited into a dinner party where I met interesting people but I cought myself in self-pity thoughts: the other participants seemed to have a more direct path in their life: they got their first book out pretty young, or they had already exposed their art in different countries. And in their personal life there was a handsome, generous compagnion, a pet, a kid.

I felt as if I had to explain why I had been through this winding road. And then I thought how about a change today? I am happy with my adventures, they have supplied material for future books. It is great we have different paths, in this way we can exchange experiences. And also, being rich in experiences is something no one can take away from us. So what if I have taken “a road less travelled” compared to those other people?

There are many ways to be rich; and nobody knows what the future holds πŸ™‚


April 16, 2016: Day 3 post- At the British Museum!


have you visited the British Museum? I discovered it today, for the first time. It is part of the touristic things to do and I have started an intensive Londoner life so it somehow got out of my mind.

But you know what? If something is touristic, it is for a reason! I only had half an hour to admire Egyptian and Greek antiquities, but it was quite an experience!

April 15, 2016: post day 2-on relationships

April what do you think:

do we know our feelings ourselves? Can we be the best judge of what is happening to us or is it someone who knows us well who can do it better?

I ask because I had a conversation with a friend of mine. I have been spending some time lately with a Spanish guy. Visiting exhibitions, going to the cinema together. He is an artist I had collaborated with before on one or two occasions when I was living in Paris. The thing is, are we going out together because we don’t have enough friends yet? Or is it that we like each other? Is there a romantic interest involved?

You might tell me hang on a second, are you 12 year’s old? Shouldn’t you have resolved this question before?

This is true but I am not very sure. When we meet we discuss relationships. Our past and our goals in life. It is a little bit like a friendship of the time I was an adolescent.

Is there any form of attraction between us? Or is it a process towards another step in our lives?

What Big Data Can Teach You About Love and Friendship


April 14, 2016: day 1 post-Switching from coffee to tea for a week?

Hello April,

yes, I wanted to switch from coffee to tea for a week. After all, I owe it to my British hosts… but I have to admit it is far from being easy for a coffee-lover-addict as me!

More the less, I wanted to stop adding sugar on my drink, and it seemed that it was easier with tea. Today I drunk three sips of coffee and threw away the rest. And continued the day with Earl Grey, Oriental Sencha, etc. It didn’t calm me down because my “coffee break” was less fun than before. A cappuccino latte with chocolate and cinnamon was much more appetizing.

Ok, I went to the Tea House in Convent Garden and bought myself a really nice tea. And I found a place where they serve also very dissent quality tea. But, but, but, it was not the same.

Oh, I also had a virtuous ” energy bar” when I was feeling hungry between meals.

But all this virtue started to get on me, I have to admit.

In any case, I will try to stick to my decision and give tea a chance, at least until the end of the week πŸ˜‰



April 13, 2016-Challenge: a small change everyday and a postaday for 60 days ;-)

Dear April,

after having eaten all the chocolates and cakes for my blog’s anniversary, after having celebrated the launch of my first book in French, I felt a little bit lost. Here I am, in London, with a lot of work to do, but still in my free-lance situation. Meaning, not a lot of stability. How about a love situation update?

But, I have accomplished my heart’s desire, the book in itself is a source of happiness.

How can I use my blog to dynamize myself and those who read it in order to continue towards new horizons?

My time is kind of limited, and although I would like to interact more with co-bloggers I need to stay active in my material reality also.

So, what should I do?

Suggest a collective challenge for those who would like to join in?

Ok, you might argue, you have kind of cheated on your last challenge. It was to be a 60 day challenge. And correct me if I am wrong, but you have passed three days together, or you have counted only the days you were writing. In a way you have been very flexible with the rules. Can you be trusted April, to suggest another challenge?

Of course I can. Bending a little bit the rules is part of life after all. The important thing is to go on. And to recognize that something has been accomplished. It is so much better, and less boring than being perfect. I think.

So, here is my suggestion: A post a day for the next 60 days on changes we bring to our lives. From April 15 to June 14. April to June. As the initial objective of my blog. Are you in?

It could be something small. Getting up on the other side of the bed. Not wearing stockings. Hugging someone new. Writing a phrase: ” I woke up and discovered there was nothing on the fridge”.

All those who might want to join and share, or comment are extremely welcome.



April 12, 2016- Hug Day

Hello dear April,

I got home after a long day, and it felt like I needed a hug. I had a lot of meetings today where I proposed collaborations for projects and things went well. But having to prove yourself in a way, in front of people you don’t know can be energy consuming-for me at least.

And finally I also run into some people I knew from Paris in the tedious ambiance of the Platform, my former working space – and that was also something.

So here I am tonight, wishing I had a human, animal -real or stuffed- to hug and be hugged.

A hug is a great thing: apparently it releases oxytocin which makes us happy; so the way to get a hug is probably to go hug someone tomorrow!



April 11, 2016- One step at a time Monday challenge

Hello dear April,

where and wither after my 2nd year Blog Anniversary? After being happy, anxious, excited, … I think one step at a time is the best advice I found… It is Monday morning in London and I am ready to conquer the world πŸ˜‰

P.S. Yes it is 12.20 here but the day is still young!


April 1rst, 2016: 2 YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY and Versatile Blogger Award ;-)

Dear April welcome!

Actually this is my 2 YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY and I feel so happy to have used this form of expressing thoughts and emotions, and to meet new creative friends! The blog started as a form of a game, it was supposed to be read by my two closest friends and little by little it got emancipated and I enjoyed the whole process πŸ™‚

Two years ago I was living in Paris and was suffering under the “wannabe boss”: one of those guys who need to oppress others in order to feel they exist. I tried to find what really matters to me and focus into something I would enjoy instead of just avoiding or even ” wining” in a battle that had no meaning. I was working as an artistic event organizer, free-lance and underpaid, with literary aspirations.

Since mid-October I relocated to London and try what it is to live in a new city with new opportunities in love and in life. I recently launched my first book -in French!- and enjoy my new adventures!

As it is an anniversary, I thought it is ok to “defrost” a Blogger Award in order to cheer me up. I prefer to consider an award as something which is better with time like a good wine πŸ˜‰

The nomination has come from Rozanne and her blog Life is Rosie (http://lifeisrozie.com/) who has also relocated, but not as close as I did: she is currently living in Hong Kong and I wish her all the best to her blogging, personal and professional life! Her blog is fresh and rose, just a touch of spring!

Versatile Blogger Award




The rules are:

Show the award on your blog: Done!
Thank the person who nominated you: I just did, it only took me a few months…
Share seven facts about yourself: I will
Nominate 15 blogs: I would need to add to this list, because it means serious work … as Rozanne I start with 1+5 with a promise to continue…
Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know: ok

Seven Facts:

  1. I can be lazy but it is only to preserve my peace of mind πŸ™‚
  2. I have been abusing on chocolate lately
  3. I have a secret identity that will be revealed when my novel gets published in english
  4. I like listening to conversations in cafes and restaurants, so don’t sit next to me
  5. I have read my favorite books about 10 times
  6. I love dancing
  7. I believe in good in this world

And the nominated blogs :

a. Brian’s blog: https://equinoxio21.wordpress.com/ A blog about Magic, Fiction and Art!

b. https://t7danieldavis.wordpress.com/, “On the Other Side of the Trees”

c. https://tellingthetruth1993.wordpress.com/

d. https://stringofpearls2.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/my-2016-smart-goals/, or Lady Gray

e. https://erikakind.wordpress.com/, Erika Kind for her presence in so many ways

f. http://labiblioafronebrulepas.com/, Anna Kendi

and I will keep on adding more blogs!

Versatile Blogger Award

2 Year Anniversary Achievement