April 21, 2016: Post day 8-a way to deal with challenging people

Hi April,

having practically replaced coffee with tea for a week seemed a good idea, I found out I could sleep better at night. Could it be self-suggestion? In any case, I think I will keep this new habit a bit longer to experiment with myself.

Without exaggerating if the temptation for coffee is too strong 😉

By the way, thanks CeeJayKay https://ceejaykayfit.com/about-me/for helping me with this difficult artist yesterday: I invited him to an event and he was looking down on the place I suggested and…on me as an organizer.

But today I asked around other people and realized the gallery he was snobing is not blacklisted by all the talented people as he wanted to make me think.

So the new lesson I learnt out of this is to ask more than one person if I want an answer on something important to me. If you want to bake a cake, is there only one recipe, only one right flavor?

In the same way, I need to trust my judgment and taste. If I like a gallery, what if someone else who is considered “Expert’ doesn’t? I like it, and I should dare to put myself at stake and see who else does.

Bad things happen when you don't trust yourself