April 14, 2016: day 1 post-Switching from coffee to tea for a week?

Hello April,

yes, I wanted to switch from coffee to tea for a week. After all, I owe it to my British hosts… but I have to admit it is far from being easy for a coffee-lover-addict as me!

More the less, I wanted to stop adding sugar on my drink, and it seemed that it was easier with tea. Today I drunk three sips of coffee and threw away the rest. And continued the day with Earl Grey, Oriental Sencha, etc. It didn’t calm me down because my “coffee break” was less fun than before. A cappuccino latte with chocolate and cinnamon was much more appetizing.

Ok, I went to the Tea House in Convent Garden and bought myself a really nice tea. And I found a place where they serve also very dissent quality tea. But, but, but, it was not the same.

Oh, I also had a virtuous ” energy bar” when I was feeling hungry between meals.

But all this virtue started to get on me, I have to admit.

In any case, I will try to stick to my decision and give tea a chance, at least until the end of the week 😉