April 13, 2016-Challenge: a small change everyday and a postaday for 60 days ;-)

Dear April,

after having eaten all the chocolates and cakes for my blog’s anniversary, after having celebrated the launch of my first book in French, I felt a little bit lost. Here I am, in London, with a lot of work to do, but still in my free-lance situation. Meaning, not a lot of stability. How about a love situation update?

But, I have accomplished my heart’s desire, the book in itself is a source of happiness.

How can I use my blog to dynamize myself and those who read it in order to continue towards new horizons?

My time is kind of limited, and although I would like to interact more with co-bloggers I need to stay active in my material reality also.

So, what should I do?

Suggest a collective challenge for those who would like to join in?

Ok, you might argue, you have kind of cheated on your last challenge. It was to be a 60 day challenge. And correct me if I am wrong, but you have passed three days together, or you have counted only the days you were writing. In a way you have been very flexible with the rules. Can you be trusted April, to suggest another challenge?

Of course I can. Bending a little bit the rules is part of life after all. The important thing is to go on. And to recognize that something has been accomplished. It is so much better, and less boring than being perfect. I think.

So, here is my suggestion: A post a day for the next 60 days on changes we bring to our lives. From April 15 to June 14. April to June. As the initial objective of my blog. Are you in?

It could be something small. Getting up on the other side of the bed. Not wearing stockings. Hugging someone new. Writing a phrase: ” I woke up and discovered there was nothing on the fridge”.

All those who might want to join and share, or comment are extremely welcome.