March 29, 2016: day 39 out of 60 challenge day-Detox Tuesday!

Dear March,

after the excitement of my first book launch in my French village, and all the Easter chocolate, this is the day for a serious Detox! From anything I have been doing these last days, before I start again.

I am back in London, and it feels like a lot of people have not returned yet, probably those who have children benefit from the long Easter week end! So what should I do? Eat rice-organic Easter eggs instead of real full of calories chocolate? Sleep? Visit a new place?

Ok sleep more is first in my list. But I also feel the need to read something new. Something I know nothing about.

And some meditation might be good also.

And a tisane, or an herbal infusion with something extremely detoxing.


7 thoughts on “March 29, 2016: day 39 out of 60 challenge day-Detox Tuesday!

  1. April
    I could not go through all yor posts yet but want to know what’s your book’s name
    Très courageux de ta part d’écrire, je m’efforce de le faire mais je ne tire tjrs pas la bonne ficelle 🙂
    Nice blog actually

    • merci beaucoup, pour l’instant j’ai fait le choix de ne pas reveler mon identite… I have promised to myself to give the title when the book will be translated in english, in this way I keep a bit longer my secret identity 😉

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