March 13, 2016: day 37 out of 60 day challenge-should I try online dating?

Hello March,

here we are, close to the middle and I am running around like crazy with all sorts of errands… and my romantic life would need brighter colours now that spring approaches!

Yesterday I went for a drink with one of my new friends in London. He comes from Lille, a city in the Northern part of France and he has moved to London almost at the same moment as I did. This fact brings people closer, at least in order to talk about life. In his case, he is dating a girl from New Zealand he met through Tinder, the online dating platform.

He works in informatics and doesn’t have a lot of time to meet new people. In any case, he advised me to do the same. Of course, he couldn’t admit how irresistible I am and how unworthy of me he felt the poor thing.

In any case, I don’t know if I will take his advice. For the moment, I will try to find out how the locals, the Londoners do things, starting from my social circle.

Do you have any advice on the question?

Do you think online dating can be a positive experience if you are looking for real connexions with people?

Have you any experience on this to share?

5 thoughts on “March 13, 2016: day 37 out of 60 day challenge-should I try online dating?

  1. I am very sceptic about online dating. Of course, it can happen that you meet someone online, get along well and feel drawn to that person. Then it is meant to be in my opinion. You need to meet and see if you were right. But I am very sceptic regarding searching deliberately online for someone! Be careful with that.

  2. Being at university you would assume the majority of students meet at societies or clubs, however more and more of my friends are meeting people through tinder. While we’re all still young, 3 out of the 4 tinder relationships are approaching their 2nd year of being together and it seems to be going strong! However personally I think I’ll stick to the traditional ways of meeting people

    • Well the friend who mentioned it is 37 and he seems to be in a relationship, although this is the second one since he moved to London … as I was telling Erika it seems that it will have to wait because I am still working on my BOOK PRESENTATION next week!!!

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