March 3, 2016: day 32 out of 60 day challenge- my first book in French will be out!

Dear March,

I am so very happy because my first book in French, will be out soon! It is practically self-publishing but we shqre some of the expenses with a small family publisher from my hometown in the South of France.

And there is a presentation involved at the local bookstore!

It might be a small step towards the realization of my heart’s desire, but a very significant one.

Writing has been my almost favorite activity since I were a kid. During my adult years I found myself in the art-world in Paris, organizing exhibitions for a Platform. This is very interesting but I got stuck with a wannabe boss and not a very creative environment.

Was it the decision to move to London which triggered the change? I somehow decided to act and publish my first novel. The family publishing house could be a small dot in the publishing world. And my book like a message in a bottle.

But when someone opens it, a story told from the heart might pop up 😉

book page heart of love on bokeh blur hd wallpaper desktop background hd 1920x1080