March 2, 2016: day 31 out of 60 day challenge- to New Beginnings


Welcome March!

thank you for giving me such a busy first and second day that I only get a chance to blog at almost 1.00 in the morning London time.

What have I been doing? To begin with, I spent the last two nights -or days working on my manuscript. And, I have to admit I am a night-bird.

So I had a dilemma concerning the challenge I put to myself.

Between us, what do you think: should I start all over my 60 day challenge because I didn’t report to you the last few days, or continue from where I left it?

I will continue because I feel that things advanced a lot in the last few days.

So, I will go on.

A New Beginning is like the first day of the Month.

We can put a benchmark and start again.

It we are less than perfect, it is ok if we keep walking 😉

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