February 4, 2016: challenge day 7 of 60-a friend from the past

Hello February,

today I did a sort of update because I run into a friend, and he asked me questions which hurt: how is it going with your projects April? Are you making any money? Finally? Not YET? So what was the idea of the London move? To finish faster with your economies?

I told him of course about the Bloggers Bash in June, the concept I have been working on with local artists from the South of France and the potential of the new artistic platform in London. But, I have to be honest. Part of me, kind of worried.

And the other part? The other part is the one which took the risk to come over here. And apparently it is stronger because it had results. What is my friend doing?

He is looking for purpose in life. And he is exploring different directions, because the passion is not there yet. But he is a lover of life, nice food, beautiful moments, I have faith in him.

Now you have another case, a friend who takes a two-year break from his dream to get the money he needs to later fulfill it. He is focused and he has a strategy. Some financial security first. His objective? To pay himself an expensive school for cinema.

And finally, my case. I am doing things I am passionate about, and take risks right now. occasionally, I can be scared.

What would you say February? Should we burn the bridge behind us if you want to advance đŸ™‚

Second thoughts have no place here April.

RĂ©sultat de recherche d'images pour "burning bridges"


February 3rd, 2016: day 6 of 60 day challenge- Bloggers Bash in London and the Champion award

Hello February,

thanks to Raphaela and her inspiring blog “hummingbirdredemption”-I mean just the title is enough to start your imagination flying- I got nominated for the Champion Award! (http://hummingbirdredemption.com/2016/02/02/the-champion-award/)

As to the rules:

Be sure to post the award symbol, using the #Champions Awards: Done

Acknowledge the sponsor of your Award and thank them. Also done. I am a fun of hummingbirdredemption

Choose at least 5 of your own nominees and remind them of the  guidelines. This is always difficult with so great blogs, so it is just five among those I love a lot. I have not included some blogfriends who got an award in the last three days đŸ˜‰

Keep it simple~ no need for explanations for the awards. We know how great these folks are. This is better because I feel like a movie critique or something of the kind.

So, my Nominations are with no order:

  1. http://smallchangesforlife.com/about/
  2. http://labiblioafronebrulepas.com/about/
  3. http://davidjrogersftw.com/
  4. https://t7danieldavis.wordpress.com/
  5. http://dalocollis.com/

And, by the way, the fellow blogger and champion Erika Kind (https://erikakind.wordpress.com/)told me about the Bloggers Bash to take place in London on June 11, so please come along for a great event!

Bloggers Bash 2016 – Venue Announcement


February 2nd, 2016- day 6 of challenge: how to be a champion the day after

Dear February,

is it normal that after accomplishing miracles, in a way, I feel tired and a bit down? This is how champions feel the day after they got the gold medal? Ok then, I feel reassured.

Sports psychology is quiet an inspiration! A friend worked with tennis champions and now he is also coaching football players. Being a champion is not only about the process to become one, and how to stay on top. It is also about how to deal with the day after you have given what you had, and you feel empty of emotions, energy and somehow… exhausted. It is dealing with a roller coaster of emotions.

Almost everyone faces challenges. But champions also face times so high that down is way more down than for other people. It is like being on the North Pole and then right away in the Sahara desert.

What do you do then? Well, according to my friend, it seems that the middle ground is the best place to stay. Which means, when the boat rocks, you stay in the middle. The advice is to find an internal middle ground where movement is possible, but whatever happens, you keep your balance. And enjoy the ride.

And when for example I want to sit back and observe the people passing by, or the birds flying, this is what I do.


February 1rst, 2016: Challenge day 5 of 60. Believing the best of people

Welcome February!

I took a walk in Hyde Park in London, to celebrate your arrival. It was windy, but the temperature was beautiful and looking at the trees just makes me feel good.

Well, I have decided to make a quantum leap in the next days, so my approach today has been to believe in the best of people. Even those who have challenged me. And to make them see they count for me, I just value their approach, even if we disagree.

This could be true for flatmates, colleagues, partners, lovers, …

It was very helpful to me as it has smoothed my day and I can go around with a BIG smile on my face đŸ™‚


http://rob-ryan.blogspot.co.uk/2007_01_01_archive.html, here is where this beautiful picture comes from

January 31, 2016: Challenge day 4 of 60 for my quantum leap

Dear January, hello and farewell,

hmm, I rose up to the challenge today, with an Italian friend frying eggplant and zucchini in our shared kitchen whereas my other French flatmate was drifting murderous looks on his side.

Yes, I am French but not Parisian. And I like Italian cuisine. So, when E suggested to cook in our kitchen, I said YES without thinking twice. Especially E who had a reputation to be an excellent cook. However, today he chose a recipe with fried vegetables. And yes, the whole place was smelling of fried zucchini. It was a bit heavy but very tasty I have to admit and a big THANK you to E, for taking the trouble!

Anyway, after he left I went for a walk and tried to get myself out of this situation, the phone etc bills, the whatever doubts, and project myself into the future. Here I am, in LONDON, and it has been quiet an adventure to get here! I shook off my laziness and reluctance to work on a new project.

So, ok, let’s respect the people around, but let’s keep FOCUSING on my objective! My artistic project!

Tools and Objectives cartoons