February 19, 2016: day 22 out of 60 day challenge: I have finished a plan for my next book!

Dear February,

it is almost 21.00 and all the reasonable Londoners are at the pub. What am I doing in front of a computer? Well, I think I have finished the plan of my next book. Isn’t this something to sacrifice the pub for?

You might object. Comme on April, you don’t even like beer. And you are not a pub addict, not yet.

Yes, but how about my social life? Do you think i will meet any new person if I stay at the deserted Platform on a Friday night?

Well, I will try to catch up tomorrow!

Now, I haven’t read yet this book, but the title seems relevant 🙂


February 18, 2016: day 21 out of 60 day challenge- should I trust my feelings?

Hello February,

should I trust my emotions regarding a person, or my head? Or just give more time? I refer to people of course, potential love interests, friends, colleagues…

Sometimes people might seem nice and we start hanging around. Then there is an uneasy feeling about something. I say, may be I was picky that day. Then I find this feeling again. If this person doesn’t make me feel good should I withdraw? Where did the likeability go?

Is there something in the recipe which is not so good or should we try again?

You see, in London, I don’t know so many people, so I jump at the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances. But spending time with just anybody, might not be the best thing for either.

We should make each other feel good most of the time no?

What would you say?

Feelings Are Much Like Waves We Cant Stop Them From Coming But We Can Choose Which One To Surf - Feeling Quote