February 16, 2016: day 19 of 60 challenge day- being powerful

Hello February,

what image would come to your mind if I say “powerful”? I think of a Lion, but to be honest, I have no idea about how a lion feels from the inside. So how do we know?

Is it how we feel, or what we can do, or make others do? Is famous for example being powerful? Another artist of my new professional Platform in London has been interviewed for the tv. Would I also want that? Mmm may be a little bit. Would fame, or a kind of fame be part of being powerful?

The lion seems to be in a contemplative mood, after having a good lunch, may be some quality family time. Enjoying an almost nap.

Would being the director of something, of an artistic Platform make a lot of difference? The world of art is also a network of power relations.

I guess for me being powerful would mean having a sense of fulfillment, a sense of direction and wellbeing. Coming to London, was important for me. But I need to straighten out in my head what kind of power I am seeking.

What do you think?


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5 thoughts on “February 16, 2016: day 19 of 60 challenge day- being powerful

  1. To me, power is sometimes just about making it through my day. It’s making my way through life and just keeping my head up.

    I guess I have a pretty basic definition of the word 🙂

  2. I think you have just the right mind and thoughts about power. To be powerful, in the right way I believe, would mean having a sense of fulfillment, and doing something that is beneficial to others while also not causing others any harm. You’d be perfect as a powerful figure 🙂

  3. There are 4 sources of power (French & Raven)1) Reward (the ability to reward people, with praise, money, desires, etc.) 2) Punishment (e.g. fire someone, or the police, or a bad boss)
    3) Legitimacy: difficult to earn. Be the best in your field, recognized by your peers. Elected by the people.
    4) Reference: She/He who knows. Are you the expert in your field? Do you know all or most that there is to know in your field(s)? (Plural is important)
    The best solution is to develop – and use – all four sources of power, but there always is one where you are stronger. Which, my dear, will be your preferred source of power?

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