February 14, 2016: day 17 out of 60 day challenge- Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy St.Valentine’s day dear February!

here we are, in the middle of the month, with the spring waiting around the corner. And what is better than love to keep us warm, us, those who live on the north hemisphere?

Oh, love, I had a business meeting with a Japanese artist and his Iranian girlfriend, but this doesn’t exactly count as a date.

And I also spent part of the day trying desperately to get myself connected to the internet. This is long, so I spare you the details, it is not the right moment. But most of all I went out for a drink with the Spanish scenarist who tries to get enough money to go to Hollywood. He told me London is the right place to work on something he doesn’t really like such as selling cosmetics to women. When he will have the amount he thinks necessary, in a couple of years, he will go to Hollywood to try his chance.

In the meanwhile, he is looking for an almost relationship with an available female. The female should not want children with him neither family. He told me life has changed and the model of the couple with children is no longer valid in our societies. People wouldn’t stay in a relationship for more than 4 years.

He could be right about divorces raising. And that the way people live together might have changed. But somehow, deep down, it feels like there is always a way to show love and affection. And to grow with our relationship.

Happy St Valentine to all of us!

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14 thoughts on “February 14, 2016: day 17 out of 60 day challenge- Happy Valentine’s day!

  1. I could have thought like him a few months ago. But then real love stormed into my life. You know this idea of companionship, support, praise, etc… I don’t know how long it will last but I know we are doing our best everyday to make it last one day longer and I finally came to the conclusion that “this is simply how it works, one day after the other”.
    So Keep searching, keep dreaming, never give up. You never know.

  2. For sure that cannot be said in general. I believe that all our relationships are there to learn. Some are meant for this to learn, some for other things, some for everything…. it doesn’t depend on any statistics, it depends on the individuals. Also, some need to experience this or that before they are ready to meet Mr/Mrs Right. But when they do…. wow!!! I don’t want to get too spiritual now… lol… but I could go a lot deeper!

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  4. Good post. A man who’s been married for almost fifty years, father of four, grandfather of eight, I’m content. But those long ago relationships that didn’t last more than a month or two or a day were fun too, though not really my style. As always, it’s so much fun and such a joy to find out what you have to say.

  5. April,
    On the day when we celebrated love it makes me a bit sad to hear that such a young man would tell you he doesn’t believe in long-lasting love.
    I’m happy you’re far too wise to invest time there.

    • Ha ha I haven’t read the manual but the way I understand it it is almost being in a relationship but in a way that no one has any responsibility… it could be nice when you are an adolescent but then… πŸ™‚ I should write a post on this…

      • No flowers, or invite to dinner then? Tsss. That would be a “pointless” relationship, I think. Do write a post. Excellent topic. Bon week-end. Camden Town? πŸ˜‰

  6. You open this post so well “middle of the month, with the spring waiting around the corner.” and then describe such a unique Valentine’s Day ~ you write about your experiences so well. Wishing you well as we move into spring πŸ™‚

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