February 11, 2016: Day 14 of 60 day challenge- our heart’s desires

Dear February,

love is in the air, St Valentine approaching and the big question for me is: do I know my heart’s desire when it comes to love? Because you may order a tiramisu and while having it realize it was chocolate panacota you wished for after all.

By the way, I had an excellent chocolate panacota in London yesterday night.

So now, how do you access this information?Introspection? Making lists? Asking for advice? Intuition? Feeling?

Falling in love is one way. Love at first sight. For some reason, you want a person. It could get better and better. Or not. If one projects her personal wishes into a person without seeing who is in front of them for real.

Ok, but for example, getting to know what I like, I like for example people who take care of the physical aspect of things. Who have a sense of beauty, esthetics. And this doesn’t mean liking a particular body type or facial structure. Or hair.

Or getting a nice feeling, like creating something together. It could be having a good time while drinking coffee or tea, since I am in London.

Or sharing other nice moments.

Be in communication.

Does one have to think about the life style one wants?

A couple of friends will have their sixth child soon. Organization is needed.

Another couple of friends, lives with four cats. This limits their movement because they always take them with them.

How about when you follow the wind and put as a priority your artistic project? What kind of panacota mathes that?



February 8, 9 and 10, 2016: days 11, 12 and 13 together-summing up the beginning of the week

Hello February,

the week started with a high-speed and I could hardly catch my breath. To begin with, it feels as if I just moved in to London. Going home to the South of France for two months interrupted all the “practical” procedures: like getting an internet connexion, opening a bank account, learning when to let your garbage out. Etc.

It is amazing how many little things compose our every day routine. In Paris, I didn’t have to think of it. Now, every little step takes a bigger proportion. And yes, I have been blacklisted by my telephone company.

On the other hand, a lot of wonderful things happened to make me smile. New friends, a bunch of people with whom I have coffee. Eh, I got to mingle with people who are very well-connected in the art world in London. Will I get myself a mentor honoring his/her role?

I found myself at a cocktail, and managed to say the right things at the right time.

Although there is something tiring in that because I admit having a lot of fun saying inappropriate things at the right time 😉

In any case, things are moving and I get the feeling I am at the right place.

To reveal April’s full potential.