February 6, 2016: challenge day 9 out of 60- breathing

Dear February,

after running like crazy the last 10 days, I decided to cool down and catch my breath. To do some housecleaning, really the minimum, and go out for a walk.

As I was looking around for the last London sales, I run into a French salesperson. What a coincidence! You might add. After all the French population in London is really big. Cecile told me she has left the south of France as myself, 10 years ago. London is a vibrant city, but she still misses the sun. Well, compared to Paris, there isn’t that big a difference after all.

The second part of the day I met one of my alter ego friends who has a different view in life. He has a plan to get as much money he can through meaningless jobs in order to be able to pay the tuition for the school of his dreams. Ok. We walked around in Soho. We had a cocktail. That was cool. He told me he thinks I am crazy with my life choices. I could say the same for him.

But after all, does it make much difference? We choose a path. And this path leads somewhere. But, as some wise person has said, we got to choose with our heart.

And this is the only criteria which validates it after all.


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