February 7, 2016: Challenge day 10 out of 60 for quantum leap- giving myself a treat

Dear February

I thought I would give myself a treat and look all over London for a nice pair of boots. After all, a me-me time was necessary to put my compass in the right direction.

It is nice to see friends and friends of friends and people who look in different directions and challenge my certainties. But once in a while how about just being nice to oneself without any reason at all?

I wanted a pair of UGG, these Australian brand because they are so comfortable for every day, and my foot need them. But I decided I would wait for sales and an awfully good sale. One of their stores is in the Piccadilly area, so I took the bus to admire the city instead of jumping into the tube.

You know, shopping in London is not the easiest thing for me. I know Paris like the back of my hand, and even there, it took me a month to find my perfect black bag. So London? The market is huge but I am still like a tourist who doesn’t know where to look outside of the usual mega-stores. That I don’t particularly like.

But to come back to my boots, they didn’t have my size for the ones I liked. Why don’t you go to our other store towards Shepherd’s Bush, a salesperson told me. Ok, it seemed easy. But I would first stop for coffee in the first cafe. This was the wisest thing. Taking a break.

Because the Westfield shopping center was an entire city. I spent an hour just to locate the store. Me, who think Galeries Lafayette is too big and prefer small stores around the corner.

But it was worth it. I came out victoriously with a pair of boots.

And these boots are made for walking 😉



February 6, 2016: challenge day 9 out of 60- breathing

Dear February,

after running like crazy the last 10 days, I decided to cool down and catch my breath. To do some housecleaning, really the minimum, and go out for a walk.

As I was looking around for the last London sales, I run into a French salesperson. What a coincidence! You might add. After all the French population in London is really big. Cecile told me she has left the south of France as myself, 10 years ago. London is a vibrant city, but she still misses the sun. Well, compared to Paris, there isn’t that big a difference after all.

The second part of the day I met one of my alter ego friends who has a different view in life. He has a plan to get as much money he can through meaningless jobs in order to be able to pay the tuition for the school of his dreams. Ok. We walked around in Soho. We had a cocktail. That was cool. He told me he thinks I am crazy with my life choices. I could say the same for him.

But after all, does it make much difference? We choose a path. And this path leads somewhere. But, as some wise person has said, we got to choose with our heart.

And this is the only criteria which validates it after all.