February 3rd, 2016: day 6 of 60 day challenge- Bloggers Bash in London and the Champion award

Hello February,

thanks to Raphaela and her inspiring blog “hummingbirdredemption”-I mean just the title is enough to start your imagination flying- I got nominated for the Champion Award! (http://hummingbirdredemption.com/2016/02/02/the-champion-award/)

As to the rules:

Be sure to post the award symbol, using the #Champions Awards: Done

Acknowledge the sponsor of your Award and thank them. Also done. I am a fun of hummingbirdredemption

Choose at least 5 of your own nominees and remind them of the  guidelines. This is always difficult with so great blogs, so it is just five among those I love a lot. I have not included some blogfriends who got an award in the last three days đŸ˜‰

Keep it simple~ no need for explanations for the awards. We know how great these folks are. This is better because I feel like a movie critique or something of the kind.

So, my Nominations are with no order:

  1. http://smallchangesforlife.com/about/
  2. http://labiblioafronebrulepas.com/about/
  3. http://davidjrogersftw.com/
  4. https://t7danieldavis.wordpress.com/
  5. http://dalocollis.com/

And, by the way, the fellow blogger and champion Erika Kind (https://erikakind.wordpress.com/)told me about the Bloggers Bash to take place in London on June 11, so please come along for a great event!

Bloggers Bash 2016 – Venue Announcement