February 2nd, 2016- day 6 of challenge: how to be a champion the day after

Dear February,

is it normal that after accomplishing miracles, in a way, I feel tired and a bit down? This is how champions feel the day after they got the gold medal? Ok then, I feel reassured.

Sports psychology is quiet an inspiration! A friend worked with tennis champions and now he is also coaching football players. Being a champion is not only about the process to become one, and how to stay on top. It is also about how to deal with the day after you have given what you had, and you feel empty of emotions, energy and somehow… exhausted. It is dealing with a roller coaster of emotions.

Almost everyone faces challenges. But champions also face times so high that down is way more down than for other people. It is like being on the North Pole and then right away in the Sahara desert.

What do you do then? Well, according to my friend, it seems that the middle ground is the best place to stay. Which means, when the boat rocks, you stay in the middle. The advice is to find an internal middle ground where movement is possible, but whatever happens, you keep your balance. And enjoy the ride.

And when for example I want to sit back and observe the people passing by, or the birds flying, this is what I do.