November 30, 2015: Sous le ciel de Paris

Dear November,

do you mind if I dedicate this song to Paris, my dear city, the people of the city, the cafés and the concert place which suffered the recent attack? 

I knew you wouldn’t. Right now I am not in my favorite cafés, observing passers-by and talking to friends and neighbors, but my heart is with them.

So, a song, “sous le ciel de Paris”, under Parisian sky, where love, lovers of life meet in a recent interpretation:

4 thoughts on “November 30, 2015: Sous le ciel de Paris

  1. I was missing your blog & your adventures, so I investigated…your blog wasn’t showing up in my reader feed! What?! Isn’t my life difficult enough without my wordpress mysteriously unfollowing one of my favorite bloggers?! Sheesh.
    I’ve got some catch up reading to do.

  2. Awww.
    Well, I had gotten into my lounge chair after popping a bag of popcorn and opening my Ipad to read blogs & that daring adventure made me wonder what you had been up to. So glad I found you again.

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