November 10, 2015- Being an alter-native and enjoying it

Dear November

today I went through some major self-questioning on my work: what if people who read my text find my writing alter-native, strange and the worst a bad interpretation of genuinely good writing? I had the feeling that I might be using the same words but I the combination comes up as something different. Am I part of a community or an Alien lost in translation?

What is worst, my freshly acquired mentor in London was not to be found after I send him some of my art work and I started imagining the worst possible scenario. He didn’t want to tell me how he disliked it so he was avoiding me instead.

After some hours of paranoia I decided to call him and we might meet tomorrow.

But in any case, whether he likes what he sees or not, I might need to assume some part of my alter-native-ness, explain and communicate better what seems to be important.

And continue looking for people who would like to come and inhabit my Alter-Land 🙂

alternative teacher certification

9 thoughts on “November 10, 2015- Being an alter-native and enjoying it

  1. Just remember, dear heart, it pays to advertise. Somebody will want what you are selling. (The advertising in this case may mean nothing more than loudly tooting your own horn.)

    Good luck.

    Brent Kincaid

  2. Don’t worry too much, April. Even if he doesn’t like it you benefited. Einstein said, he knows thousands of ways how a light bulb doesn’t work 😉 And nevertheless there will always be people who don’t agree.

  3. Maybe rather than alter-natives, we are just “Time-beings”?
    (See Ruth OZeki)
    Glad your friends are safe. But I feel like all victims have become part of my family.

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