October 26, 2015- New friendships

How was your day October?

partly sunny partly cloudy? Well for London it couldn’t get better!Do you know how that made us humans feel? As an unexpected and surprising gift.

This is how I feel when someone I don’t know very well, manifests a form of kindness to me. In a way I can’t explain. It takes me by surprise, and can move me to tears.

Almost as having a sunny autumn day in London.

Having a friend, or a lover, a parent, a colleague, being nice to us, is something which we could more or less expect. After all, this seems to be the definition of their role. Or people who depend on us. Or with whom we went to school together. Or who were born in the same small town.

But strangers? So a new friend, someone who shows generosity to me when I need it, and when I least expect it, just makes me feel that love, beauty and truth are as real as trees and cars.

Love is in the air…