October 9, 2015- Moving in, out and around the clock

Hello there October,

you know I am moving out of my place in Paris? Why don’t you give me a hand? Haven’t you seen there is absolutely nothing packed yet? As to moving in… I still need confirmation from the real estate agency in London. That they received the first rent.

Or else?

Well, one of my candidate flatmates was kind enough to invite me to his place if I don’t have any. No he doesn’t know me yet. It could be that my Facebook photos are to my advantage. Or that this is a genuinely kind person. It is possible. I shed a tear of emotion yesterday.

Now, how about boxes? The boxes I am to put the staff that needs to move out? Not to be found this afternoon. The shops around the corner had already disposed them.

Yes, I should have asked before. Ok, Ok. I did go to the hairdresser to have a hair cut. But this is necessary to keep me cool. Is it better to arrive in London breathless and with impossible hair?

I wouldn’t think so.

Tomorrow everything will be in its place 🙂

3 thoughts on “October 9, 2015- Moving in, out and around the clock

  1. I live in the United States, where an international move is like…. HUGE!!! How do you do that!
    And about “Rock ARound the Clock:” I found a card for a friend of mine who was pregnant. It had a rocking chair on the front with the caption, “A different kind of rock.” You guessed it, when you open the card, it plays “Rock Around the Clock.”
    Best wishes for your move and new life in London.

  2. I went out west last winter for a few months. As the time to go grew near, I wasn’t sure were to start with the packing, so I rolled all the loose pennies in the house. Twelve dollars worth.
    Love it that you had your hair done! ❤

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