September 30, 2015- To new beginnings

Dear September,

this is your last day, and you are not the only one preparing to leave Paris. I am to pack my suitcase pretty soon and get to London!

Do I have a flat? I almost do. I managed to persuade a real estate agent that I am a responsible individual and to trust me with a two bedroom flat. This is why I look for a flatmate. To be honest, I can only afford half of it.

Then why not take a room in another’s flat? Because I didn’t like any of those I saw; and the studios on my budget were too expensive and ugly.

So I took a risk. Another one.

You are adventurous, told me the guy I met at the café on Saturday.

I had never thought of myself in that way. At least not when I have favorite hangouts in the city.

But he knew something about adventures, he had been travelling in 27 countries around the world.

You know what?

I would love to think of myself in that way 😉