Septermber 20, 2015- Old Love and New Love

Hello September,

I was expecting to meet up with a former collaborator Saturday night. Instead, another person texted me at 23.00 at night. Yes, yes, my café-crush! The guy  I flirted with once a week for a year or so. But things didn’t evolve much. He wanted to wish me all the best. He advised me to continue on my path and eventually reward will come.

This is all very sweet, I would have liked to add. I like that you appreciate me. But why don’t you invite me for a drink and hug me while you give this precious advice? How can you resist me? Is it his Old Love who had broken his heart three years ago still present in his mind and heart?

I asked him if he still thinks of this lady who made him suffer. He said it is all behind him, and is ready to turn the page. But he still gives everything to work.

Well, it was nice to text me, knowing I am going to London for a while. And we will not be able to play the café flirt-game any more. Where we look at each other as pre-adolescents and exchange smiles and witty phrases as part of the ritual. But I am still a bit confused regarding his way of acting. Why stay on the phone for an hour a Saturday night? Why did I?

May be I am ready to turn the page and start with a New Love 🙂

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