September 9, 1915- April is looking for a flat to share in London!

Dear September,

Yes, you got it well, I am going to live in London for a year, starting from October, next month! Ideally, I would exchange my nice one bedroom flat in central Paris. My second best choice is to share a flat in central London. I am looking for a beautiful room, with some place to work on my book. And I plan to stay in London for a year.

So, please spread the word around. I am an interesting to have around, nice, non smoking person, …. very dependable, reliable, smiling, charming, etc.

How come I didn’t say anything before? It is because I heard about this opportunity to collaborate with a group of artists by the end of August. It seems to be a great team and I was convinced to leave my favorite Parisian cafés for a while and try some tea in London.

Right now, I feel a little bit overwhelmed, because I also need to rent my Parisian apartment. So, if you know anyone looking for a nice furnished flat at the St Germain area, close to… everything, let me know also!



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17 thoughts on “September 9, 1915- April is looking for a flat to share in London!

  1. April, I was talking to my daughter. She said you should google about flats in the suburban of London (not in the city, much to expensive). There are many companies for that. She doesn’t know any specific company unfortunately. Sorry.

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