July 9, 2015- In the mood for action

Hello dear July

Here I am, at one of my favorite Parisian cafés! It is so nice and cool right now, I even wear long sleeves as we speak. This is a real neighborhood. My hairdresser just came by looking for a barber to trim his beard. I suggested another neighbour, next street.

Yes, I agree, there is a need for an update, and I promise to do it thoroughly this weekend. The Istanbul artistic event went well, but there is action needed in order to consolidate the advantages.

Job hunting continues, but I need to be faithful to my artistic projects, even if time is running out, materially speaking. It has to make sense.

Keep cool and act in a very focused way!

And yes, remember to love… 🙂


July 6, 2015- Arise and Shine!

Dear July,

here I am, back from Istanbul where I managed to present a successful art event, to Paris, with new challenges to face. I need all that I have: emotions, intellect, … creativity. So, thank you for lowering a little bit the temperature, my brain had started boiling with new ideas but also … heat!

First things first. Get back some of my expenses, by sending my last bill to the Platform wannabe boss. After all, he will benefit from the success of the event.

Then, act fast in order to bring some more funds on my account and solidify the project. I need to ask for advice on this one.

And last but not least, look good and feel good, wearing my best smile!


July 3rd, 2015- Friendship and Confidence

Hello hot July,

I am at the same Parisian café where I used to go in February, for very different reasons:  it was warm when it was cold outside, it is fresh when the temperatures outside rise. Love and in general friendship acts in this way.

Like a balm, for the soul and even the body. How do we recognize people who are our harbor? How do we become a harbor for others, and also for ourself?

Confidence, is something important. It includes among other things, faith. We have faith when we open the door to someone else, or when we get in someone else’s home. Faith that this person is a safe place.

And when it isn’t? What if our expectations are not met, our love is not bestowed on someone who is loving us back or our trust is not honoured?

Then again, we are lucky to have learnt, felt, and made on our way to the next harbor. Because we also like adventure, and because the sun rises every morning even after the darkest night 🙂

In Istanbul, I met wonderful people, reunited with some old friends and love crush, I made new friends. My trust was tested, my intuition also.

Trust and love have won.

July 2nd, 2015- From Istanbul to Paris

Welcome July!

I just came back to Paris from Istanbul, and the temperature is not what I would have expected: we are like cookies baking in the oven, with high temperatures, whereas in Istanbul, there was an agreeable sea breeze.

I feel a little bit overwhelmed, a lot of things happened, but the most important is that I have made progress in ways I couldn’t have expected.

The artistic event I had been planing was a success and I will get back to you with more details as soon as I empty my suitcase!

What I liked the most? The Bosphorus cruise on our last day, was quiet amazing!