July 26, 2015- Traveling from home on a rainy Sunday

And here you are July,

with a rainy and rather chilly -for a summer day, I got the hint and stayed until late in bed. All I need to charge my batteries and clear my mind. It is also the best way to get rid of a tiny cold, and enjoy my home.

Home sweet home…

A place to be in peace with myself and the world.

Reading a book, or two, …

And having Skype rendezvous with friends from different parts of the world.

Traveling from home…




4 thoughts on “July 26, 2015- Traveling from home on a rainy Sunday

  1. It seems that we can travel very well from home – as long as WP doesn’t mess up things with ‘improvements’. And I thought I’d lost some friends just because I went traveling with my hubby (business for him). I was gone, but not really as long as I had my lap top. But even from one computer to another how we travel the net is different.

    So we make adjustments to counter act the changes WP makes.
    And can we really complain when we are using the application for free? Anyway glad you found my long verse site you might like this prompted piece about your ‘neck of the woods’…


    Best to you and do recover quickly 🙂
    Hugs, Jules

  2. Rain? Dd you say rain? J’ai pris une sauce sur les quais hier. 🙂
    Et presque toutes les boîtes (à livres) étaient fermées.
    M’enfin, ce soir le soleil revient.

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