July 24, 2015- The day’s mission

Hello dear July,

would you mind taking care of my mail, administrative papers and all the practical things so that I can write my posts and day-dream from time to time? I need to show you how? Oh, forget it, you don’t have the right spirit for detail, I see you more on the beach, drinking a cold beverage and swimming from time to time…

Anyway, I have another mission today. I am to sneak in the Platform, my ancient headquarters, and check if there is any free working space in this huge building, in order to host my new “family”: the smaller artistic platform that has accepted me as a member. The head of the small platform asked me to take a look, so that she could negotiate some space with the Big director.

By the way, here is the small Perrier video that I like, it represents how I feel 🙂



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