July 13, 2015- Paris festivities start

Dear July,

festivities for the celebration of July 14 have started, and a friend of mine has just asked if I am going to join a group who will watch fireworks in the area of Versailles 🙂

Well, Paris might be more appropriate since Versailles used to be the king’s headquarters… in any case, I am here at the café, with my projects and writing, in front of my computer. Most normal people are outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Inside the café, two other people apart from me: a 55-year-old who is having a one to one relationship with his nose and an elderly couple who compliment each other on their looks.

What the f… are you doing there April? Get out, you might say, go to the fireworks, kiss someone, in the name of the revolution! The computer screen is cold and difficult to embrace.

A whole nation is celebrating. Your projects will still be there tomorrow. And after all, the sun will rise again and night will follow and a new dawn all over again.

Image:  French School, (19th century) - Celebration of the Quatorze Juillet at the Place de la Bastille, Paris, 14th July 1880 (colour litho



13 thoughts on “July 13, 2015- Paris festivities start

  1. Ewww! lol! A relationship with his nose??? haha I think that you should get away from ‘the nose’ and go outside and have some fun and celebrate. 🙂

  2. Oh to be in Paris and celebrating… cant believe i missed the celebration by ONE WEEK!!!! It was SO HOT when i was there last week… i can see why you would sit in a cafe then… but now… go out there, enjoy, celebrate your gorgeous city and come tell us all about it!!! xxx

  3. L’avantage de prendre du retard sur les blogs, et de les lire à l’envers, c’est que le lendemain “April” a été sur le champs de mars avec des amis. Très bien. 🙂

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