July 11, 2015- Options and choices

Dear July,

I made it through the deadline yesterday! Now, there are as always, many intrigues related to my new funding demand: the art world is small, and I have managed to float, to irritate some powerful figures and to do it my way. For now.

But a major miracle is needed right now, since certain things I used to rely on seem to be no longer there. My options?

Follow the advice of some old friends: “Compromise and try to please as much as possible the powerful in my field. Or change field and do the same.

This is not the solution I would choose. Because my friends, though with more security, don’t seem to enjoy it that much.

Another option? I guess I need to look for allies outside this small world. In the universe, the Cosmos. And contact again those who might be on the same wave length 🙂

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