June 1rst, 2015: How to stay on top of chaos with a cool attitude

June Welcome!

Great idea to arrive with some sunshine, yesterday we thought ourselves in autumn here in Paris 🙂 Hmm, I started the day greeting some dear neighbors and trying to forget I finished all the ice cream which was on the refrigerator. And I watched three films in a row. How bad is this for a last day of May?

But here you are today!

There are things that need to be taken care of, and frankly, I feel like looking the other way. So, how do I stay cool and organized, a dreamer and a maker, focused on my purpose without being obsessed, determined without becoming insensitive?

Do you have a recipe to suggest?

After doing some research, here is the idea:

a. I did some housework, cleaning up my place, clothes and dusting.

b. I went to the dentist.

c. I told myself I am an awesome person no matter what

d. I prayed

e. I went for a small walk in the nearest garden

f. I called my mum and a good friend

g. I had something nutritious to eat, (boeuf bourguignon, quinoa salad with vegetables and strawberries)

h. I am writing a blog-post.




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