May 28, 2015- Me, my blog and I

Dear May,

it has been a long day full of meetings, projects, job hunting, and friends. Finally, I am glad to be in front of my computer, just to say hello to my blog and let my feelings unfold. Have you ever been to a party where you talked, had a lot to eat, drink, got tired, felt your shoes hurting you, and just wanted to get rid of them?

Sure it was great, it was fun.

And yet, it is soo good to have a moment alone, quiet, … a form of luxury… just before going to bed.

As a normally busy street late at night or… early in the morning.

Time to let the thoughts of the day evaporate slowly, to start closing your eyes… to relax.

Have a “tisane”, an herbal tea. That’s what I am going to prepare and you are welcome.

Chine Thé de pétale de rose de tisane de Rosebud pour améliorer la circulation de sang fournisseur

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