April 24, 2015- Escapade to the Côte d’Azur


Dear April,

my friend from Antwerp, the Northern part of Belgium came for a couple of days and already left. My mission was to help him out find a beautiful spot for a summer-house in the South of France. I would have picked up some unknown place at the Hautes Alpes, but he was obsessed with the Côte d’Azur. After all, why not choose a classic? If Picasso, among others loved this area, why not my friend?

We walked and walked, drove here and there, asked questions and answered others. Finally, he decided Saint Tropez is the spot he likes. But he will come back again with his family during the summer to visit again the properties offered.

In any case, it was a beautiful excuse to see again spots I am familiar with and always make my day when I am there. At a moment when they are so much quieter than in the summer time 🙂

It was important for my spring break to fill my eyes and mind with beautiful images, smell the sea and the spring flowers, watch the coast line. I could put myself in the place of my friend and imagine it is I who is deciding for a summer-house. It is a sort of commitment. Like a marriage, I guess. You pick this place and you decide to create a more permanent bond.

To dedicate part of your time. Other places can be more beautiful or exciting. You can still visit them and never return. But once you pick up a place you call your own, it becomes a center of gravity, pulling you there 🙂



11 thoughts on “April 24, 2015- Escapade to the Côte d’Azur

  1. That’s such a beautiful place. It is eternities ago when I was there. That must have been 24 years. We went to Cannes, Nice, Monaco, and St. Tropez. It was beautiful! So your friend chooses a a great place.

  2. Such beauty! It makes me ache. I always wonder whether it’s distance that makes things so exquisite, or whether they’re just that way all on their own. Sounds like a wonderful break for you (from your ‘normal’ life)!

    • Dear Elouise I wish I had a magic wand and could transport you to this place on a second; dreaming of a place makes it possible more desirable, and sometimes habit makes us less attentive to the beauty nearby; travel could be the bridge… and also a reason to be happy to get back home I guess!

  3. I have been following your posts for a couple of months. I like the way you express yourself in the travel blogs. I think that English is perhaps not your first language as you sometimes make small errors in spelling or grammar. I only say this because I think you want to improve your writing skills as well as gain confidence etc. I, too, write about my travels as well as progress with my recently published novel, ‘The Green Velvet Dress.’ I hope you are enjoying my blogs too.www.vicwinmiz.com

    On Sat, Apr 25, 2015 at 12:02 AM, april4june6: A journal of self-tranformati

    • You are absolutely right, english is not my mother tongue, and thank you for pointing out my imperfections… I will definitely have them corrected before publication 🙂 Congratulations on your novel! And thank you for the beautiful memories from the travels in France 😉

  4. So often we forget to explore the sights right around us.
    Glad you are having a relaxing time.
    I participated in writing an unofficial A-Z series for National Poetry month… I set a page up for it at my Strands site. I set the icon to go site, the pages listed on the top. Some fun reading for when you are relaxing if you choose, but no obligation 😉

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