April 17, 2015- Trekking and clearing my mind

Dear April,

thanks to the nice weather you have offered us, I started a new habit in my hometown: a morning trek, or to be more honest, a walk in the beautiful paths nearby.

Don’t imagine anything very sporty: it is a half an hour, or an hour walk, every morning, the last few days. Looking at the beautiful flowers, grass and trees feels so very inspiring!

I like to take nobody else than myself in this brief walk. I barely nod to people or animals which might cross my path. This is a moment to observe and clear my mind from all sort of clutter: thoughts which crowded my mind in my last Parisian days. A spring break’s objective is to bring me closer to spring, and let new ideas emerge!

Sometimes I bring my iPod for some music, or something inspirational. Other times, nothing at all. I keep walking, listening to the birds, smelling the earth and flowers.

Something else I would like to do is to refresh my driving skills. I don’t have a car in Paris, but it is another “physical activity” that helps me feel different. A friend has promised to give me some free lessons in hers, so we will see what will come out of it πŸ™‚

In any case, I realize that I need more play and fun, so the spring break is here to help me change perspective and format my hard drive πŸ™‚


LE printemps en Provence

8 thoughts on “April 17, 2015- Trekking and clearing my mind

  1. I totally get you when you say that during your walking hour you want to be with yourself and let everything flow the way it does. I need this time too. It is very liberating and mind calming.

  2. Hello dear April! Love this post for so many reasons. Firstly, nothing better than a walk amidst nature! Walking is the best therapy , I so agree with you. I’m a walker too.
    I love carrying my music along with me while walking. Recently I got this Fitbit band & it’s kind of fun to walk with it.
    If you know about it…:)
    Keep enjoying!

      • πŸ™‚ . It’s a band which records your steps while walking. Like a pedometer but with this you can connect with your friends too. If you look for details you will know. Fitbit :). Just a healthy way to compete while walking πŸ™‚

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