April 6, 2015- Dreaming of a skunk :-)

Dear April,

have you ever dreamt of a skunk? That is what happened to me last night. It was quiet a big one, the size of a medium size dog, beautiful, and I was holding him playfully in my arms. We were best friends, so to speak. I wasn’t afraid of him and he seemed pretty comfortable with me.

Now, I think that the last time I have heard of these animal is back to school, or in children’s cartoons, years ago. Not recently anyway.

So I googled the animal, and a lot of nice ideas came up. To begin with, it seems that there is a symbolism of skunks. I will adopt the information which I like better. So a skunk seems to be related to:

  • Defense
  • Prudence
  • Protection
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Pacification
  • Effectiveness
  • Good judgement
  • Skunks seem to be naturally buoyant. They go through life with a calm assurance, and exude a peaceful energy that is extremely attractive to others.

Do we have “totems animals”? I wouldn’t know what to say.

Neither do I know how I ended up being good friends with the beautiful skunk in my dream. But it was fun and I definitely need to integrate these qualities to my day-to-day interactions.

The Easter holiday is over and tomorrow I will be in the middle of negotiations, new projects and professional beginnings 🙂

Striped Skunk.jpg



6 thoughts on “April 6, 2015- Dreaming of a skunk :-)

  1. I’ve seen, been up close to and skunkified more than once. Can’t imagine cuddling them, though. Horrendous smelling spray! A truly great defense. You might want a bottle of skunk essence as you go into your conversation about new projects and professional beginnings! 🙂

    • Dear Elouise, It must have been quiet an experience to be skunkified… thank you for the idea to bring a bottle of skunk essence, it could become the new hit of the perfumerie parisienne 😉

  2. This is just funny and a very cool post ~ dreaming of a skunk… We’ve had a few skunk experiences growing up (our dog being sprayed always being the worse). But skunks are also kind of attractive…keep to themselves type of animal 🙂 Have a great week!

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