March 30- The day after

Hello dear March,

how are you doing? For me it is the day after … a battle, where I didn’t win the prize. My bones hurt and I allow myself to feel tired. Is there a lesson to learn? Was my proposal good enough? Did I advertize it as much as I should have? Did I find a champion to defend it? Many questions, that I can answer later.

Right now the most important thing is to relax, feel good, and then, I will have the time to learn whatever lesson there is to learn.

I deserve a special treat. Going to my favorite café. Eating a piece of chocolate. Listening to my favorite music. Talking to a close friend. Kissing someone I am in love with and being kissed. Or something close to that. Read or write a poem. Or both.

After all, I did better than last time. And I should acknowledge this fact and appreciate my effort. Putting myself at stake, out there, demanded some courage.

I can also think of the larger picture. Getting this funding or job, is a step, an intermediate goal, towards the Big One: not only advancing with my personal work and diffusing it but creating an inspiring Platform where people will be stimulated to give their best, and they will find the means to realize their dreams. A place where we will put together something worth transmitting to future generations 🙂


8 thoughts on “March 30- The day after

  1. There are always lessons. Some speak louder than others. If you have done your best, and didn’t succeed you still succeeded.
    Keeping a positive outlook is half the battle!
    Best to your future projects.

  2. Of course! Like Julespaige mentioned, there’s a lesson to be learned in everything. And maybe you don’t need answers to those questions at the beginning of your post, but just better questions. Like, “how can I improve this for next time?” Something like that to ensure you learn from it!

  3. J’ai descendu dans mon jardin (bis)
    Pour y cueillir du romarin
    Gentil coquelicot mesdames
    Gentil coquelicot nouveau…
    (Look it up. Interesting stuff about nightingales, latin, men and fair ladies)
    Also see/hear “comme un p’tit coquelicot” by Mouloudji.

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