March 23- A final step of this month’s challenge: advertizing myself :-)

Dear March,

I thought I could play around and be lazy for a while after the intensive first two weeks, but I just found out the decision on my art project is taken this weekend! That means there is some serious last-minute advertizing of myself that needs to be done.

I am divided between stressing up, and showing a motivated, yet, cool attitude.

The thing is, I am kind of a perfectionist, so the public relations department has not conducted my campaign with enough fervour until now (meaning me, myself and I).

A friend told me I look too cool, so people might think there is another chance for her, she is not “hungry” enough.

How do I find the right balance between being eager, not feeling afraid to say “vote for my project”! and still have this interior peace I am looking for?

Probably when I don’t think about myself and what people think of me, and concentrate more on my project and vision?


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