March 8- For women and men

Dear March,

19 degrees Celsius in Paris and a sunny day, isn’t this already spring time? Is this a special gift for woman’s day you are offering us?

My friends who visited for the weekend from Belgium just left, so here I am, on this Sunday afternoon, celebrating “Woman’s day” at my latest favorite café 🙂

Let’s have many days of women and men, because it feels to me that when women are not respected, men also have a hard time 🙂

7 thoughts on “March 8- For women and men

  1. I just want to say that as a person with a hearing disability, a video blog is always distressing – I need words. I know I’m not alone. May I suggest that if you do put a video in a blog that you give people the gist of what it says??? Thanks so much.

    • You are so right! Actually, this is a small ad where the director asks young women to perform some actions “as a girl”. Run like a girl for example. And what they do seems week, as if they were not able to go through with them and ridiculous. When the video director asks young girls, about 10 years old the same question, the meaning of “run like a gir”, is to run as well as you can. And it seems that during adolescence, girls loose confidence in themselves as human beings and feel that they should/are weak and not able to do certain things. Or if they succeed, they are not feminine any more. And in a way, this is what some role models do to young girls. They don’t let them grow to their full potential 🙂

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