March 6- Concentration and wandering mind

Dear March,

I have been seriously un-concentrated today, and this is the moment I need to contact people for help. Instead, I was day-dreaming and consuming chocolate in important quantities. A friend will be visiting for the weekend, and my house is messed up, like my mind.

It feels as if I am up on a cloud, observing the things I am to do and instead of acting, I am completely on another planet.

It was sunny today in Paris, and this doesn’t help, especially after days of rain and bad weather.

What was I to do?

I finally declared defeat -just for today- and decided to start cleaning up my place.

The second thing, would be to contact some of my good friends which have been kind of excluded from my life during this period.

And finally, eat well -some vegetables and fruit- and get some rest.

Three Ways Your Wandering Thoughts Can Actually Be Constructive

4 thoughts on “March 6- Concentration and wandering mind

  1. Sometimes one topic can occupy our whole system and takes our complete concentration and energy. Don’t forget that there is so much more in your life than only this. You will get some distance which helps to gain back the power for your regular activities and obligations. I love your posts a lot!

  2. Sounds like you have a good handle on the situation. I like your process. You did move into something … One of my favorite writer quotes: “My wife does not understand that when I am staring out the window, I am working.” It all counts.

  3. Cleaning up is always a great therapy. Sweeping a broom can’t fail. It produces always the same results. No electronics involved. Fail-safe. And the result always comes the same: no-one notices the place is clean! 🙂
    (when of course they do when it’s not!)
    Bonne semaine à Paris

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