March 4- Professional challenge of March 12: 1rst step accomplished :-)

Hello dear March,

yes, I did finish the first step for the March 12 challenge 🙂 I had to sent a proposal to a group of artists for a collaboration, and I did finish it TODAY.

It was an accomplishment, since every now and then I was thinking about my love life. Just thinking…

In order to do that, I changed two different cafés, worked from homme, ate half a chocolate (dark) and refused an invitation to go out for a drink with friends.

At the first café, there was a man and a woman sitting next to me, I had seen before and they started talking to me. The man is some kind of judo professor, and his companion an Italian.

At the second café they brought my usual order even before I asked. It is Mike, the café garçon who is quiet nice and makes me feel at home.

It is so inspiring to be surrounded to all sorts of people, bits of conversations come to me as I am writing or planing something, and they somehow give me inspiration 🙂