March 3- Challenge: a love from the past

Hello March,

what would you do in my place? If your first Parisian love, H, declared he has been thinking about you dearly for the last… years? Well, small detail, H is in a relationship and has a little boy. (If he is married? We are in Paris, dear, living with someone is almost as if…).

I personally, felt confused. He was my first Parisian crush. I was a small town girl, he was Parisian, with this “je ne sais quoi” air. But he seemed to be a “dom Juan” kind of person, changing relationships as fast as the traffic light changes from green to red. Mmm, yes, I had been one of these relationships. And then I left, it didn’t feel healthy. He was telling me he didn’t love me and was full of caprices. What do you mean so am I?

So now, H, who had been in Norway for his work, came back to Paris and contacted me. He seems to be very much in love with me. To cherish the moments we spent together a few years ago. And to be afraid of his attraction for me. Because I am such a “femme fatale”.

This is very flattering in a way, don’t you think?

But what if it were BS?

For example, may be he is nostalgic of his twenties and finding an ex-girlfriend of this period could make him feel good. Like a reunion in a way.

He hasn’t been a very faithful type of person in the past. He might just want to keep on with his relationship and have some distractions here and there. Why not declare his love?

He is bored with his life and tries to spice it up by confusing other people too.

He could even be sincere, but in the end, he seems to be pretty comfortable in his life style.

Because deep down I am a simple girl and think that a loving couple involves two people. And this is quiet enough.

Robert Doisneau - Le baiser de l'hotel de ville (Kiss by the Hotel de Ville © Robert Doisneau

10 thoughts on “March 3- Challenge: a love from the past

  1. Dear April. I’ve been experiencing something like this and remembered Fountaine’s fable of “The fox and the crow.”
    You have the “cheese” dear heart. What does he really want?
    He sounds like a Prince who was “brought up to charming, not sincere!” ( from the movie ‘into the woods.’ )
    Up to you, really. Kind Regards. M

  2. Hmm. Don’t know what I would do if I were you. For me, flattery right off the bat isn’t a good sign. History or not. Another way of looking at it is what do you deserve? On balance, I’d probably go with waiting for someone who doesn’t raise so many questions in my mind….But I’m not you!
    Happy March!

    • Thank you so much Elouise for taking the time to give me a feedback! Well, I exagerate -it is my style a little bit- but this was the first time he flattered me in…. 15 years 🙂 But I will wait to see how it goes I think without rushing into anything. I would like to be with someone who has some inner balance -some- and not trying to prove he exists by “charming” others…

  3. Seems to me you already mentioned “H” before…
    You also seem to know his flaws.
    Follow your gut.
    Take care

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