February 25- In the mood for an exotic island

Dear February,

what would you suggest in terms of an exotic island? Just to motivate myself I started day-dreaming of beautiful weather, beaches, and people. Isn’t this a good compensation for the serious and efficient work I have been doing ;-)?

In Europe? I don’t know. Let’s say that I am open to suggestions. What is my budget? I don’t see what you mean.

The Greek islands for something near by? Yes, I have friends who are crazy in love with them.

Hawaii? Tahiti? I might try Bora-Bora for example. A good friend of mine was sent to Tahiti for work and came back completely enchanted 🙂

But in the meanwhile, getting close to nature, even a small park, might do 🙂



10 thoughts on “February 25- In the mood for an exotic island

      • Absolutely! California (and here I mean the south) has such a variety of nature. The beaches, the coves. the endless ocean, the animals (dolphins, whales, sea lions, pelicans), the desert, the mountains… it is amazing!

  1. I’m planning a vacation to Cinque Terre in Italy this May. It looks beautiful there! But if you’re in the mood for somewhere warm and tropical, I recommend Freeport, Bahamas. I went there two years ago and it was beautiful!

  2. This is a beautiful post, and there are times when words, descriptors, are elusive. I don’t know why I cannot grab those words. Life is that way, and I try to be okay with enjoying something good … like this post … but not being able to explain it. T

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