November 16- How to make your own luck and just in case, how to pray for a miracle

February 24b : Since I need to make my own luck, but stay open to miraculous- or other help, I reblog this November post, very appropriate for me right now 🙂

april4june6: A journal of self-tranformation

Dear November,

I am ready to go to bed after a rainy day in Paris, and dividing my time between my favorite cafés and meetings with certain artists I would like to work with.

As I finally returned home, I started browsing some web pages and came up to “How to make your own luck” and the advice given seemed quiet interesting:

a. Be assertive and proactive

b. Believe in a goal

c. Put deadlines on your goals

d. Expect great lucky ideas to occur to you, but do not worry, if you’re not inspired right now.

e. Raise your expectations

f. Work smarter, not harder

g. Seek new experiences

h. Be positive

i. Persist!

And in case this doesn’t work, there is always another possibility 🙂

How to pray to God for a miracle:

a. Visualize clearly what you want

b Take a moment to calm yourself and connect with God


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2 thoughts on “November 16- How to make your own luck and just in case, how to pray for a miracle

  1. Have faith Dear April,

    I’m so glad you reposted. I’m going to type for you in this private post what I needed to remind myself of.

    You are already aligned with many of the great teachings. For example:

    In A Course in Miracles we’re taught, “I will receive whatever I request” and “Let me understand the problem so it can be solved. Let me understand all my problems have been solved.”

    In The Secret it teaches, “Begin your prayers with ‘I’m so grateful and thankful now that .…’”

    Pay attention to how you feel when you’re working to make your dream come true. When you are trying to do it by yourself, you will feel stressed and it will seem hard. When you’re aligned with Spirit in achieving your goal, it will feel effortless.

    You can’t go from feeling anxious to receiving a miracle in one step but you can do it in little steps. Just reach for a little bit better feeling about achieving your goal, one step at a time and the whole world will open up to you.

    Above all, know it will be fine.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. The deadlines written down are great for motivation, I find if I don’t date things they sometimes go undone especially if it something I’m not comfortable with, it gives me a kick. Great post. 🙂

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