February 17- Blog writing as a compensation or a work of art :-)

Hello there February,

would you say that blog-writing is a form of compensation? For something missing? This is what a friend just told me. And I would easily agree with that. It is here to fill in a void. A creative void.

A need to express and communicate, to give form to feelings, ideas, moments. Much more ephemeral than other forms of art. Oops, could it be a form of art? Is our everyday expression taking us to the next level, making out of us artists?

To miss something, is the essence and definition of desire. And creating without desire is not possible.

So let’s compensate some of our desires right here. In the blog-sphere

And the rest of them, out there πŸ™‚

In the concrete, material and face to face world.

Executive Compensation 185


7 thoughts on “February 17- Blog writing as a compensation or a work of art :-)

  1. Compensation and first step. Indeed, you can use it to express a need and desire and from the outcome, move to a step further for ur desire. It fuel dreams, ambitions and as expressive writing or sometimes photography, it resonates to me as a form of art too. In shirt, u got it all. Xoxo

  2. Not for me, I seem to only blog when life is very full. when my cup is full and over running. The blog is where I keep that extra joy for later. For when I might need it.
    When there is a ‘void in my life’, then I really don’t feel like sharing

  3. When we make new blog posts, we are creating something that did not exist before. I think that is being creative, and can also be art.

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