February 16- Mid-February and 2015 goals :-)

Hello February,

Is it a bit hard on myself after all these chocolates, love talk and on top of that seasonal virus to watch this video? The author, Mastin Kipp says that if you watch it end of january and you have been lazy, it could be difficult. So imagine what happens in mid-February. For those who are not the first of the class.

The question is: how do we become the first of our class no matter what? How does reality change? Where is the balance between having objectives, goals and not biting oneself up if they come out a little bit differently than imagined?

Hmm, it is a little tricky, but I will give it a try.

What is the courageous thing I will do in 2015?

I need to get out of my bubble “sortir de ma bulle” from time to time, contact people. Show my work and dare to ask for their support.

Dare to put myself out there and take the risk to … grow and succeed 🙂