February 13- A project as a patchwork of past experiences

Dear February, alias Valentine,

I did some serious work today, but I had to find tricks to motivate myself: read inspirational blogs, have coffee, chocolate, listen to the music. Working alone from home can be challenging.

Home alone. With my thoughts. Some go in the right direction, others don’t.

I might look around from time to time, let my mind wander. I might doubt about myself and the quality of my work. What will the others think of it?

There is a deadline for my funding submission on March 13. Before, I need to pull myself together and unite a team that would be unbeatable! A team that could be invited to Beaubourg for an exhibition!

One of my challenges is that I might need to ask for help H, my first love. H, who hurt me a lot. He was an aspiring artist at the time. He is a producer now. We met again at an exhibition, and he hinted that he could give me a hand.

Why run into the same people? Isn’t there anyone else I can ask?

Actually I did, I have asked half a dozen.

And you need to understand that in the artistic world, we are like a family. Or better, a mafia family. It’s a small world. You might quarrel with your parents, or siblings. They might hurt you. You go away and decide not to talk to them again. And then something happens, a marriage, a family dinner and you have to meet them again.

The only way to completely change circle is to change your field. Or change country.

If I stay in Paris, I need to find a way to embrace my past, and feel cool about it.

I need to embrace the difficult moments and love all the inspiring, creative thoughts I had.

And upgrade them into something better.

Like a patchwork 🙂


14 thoughts on “February 13- A project as a patchwork of past experiences

  1. No matter how much confusion there is in life. If at all we have to take a decision which may be best for us even if it seems wrong in that moment, but we know we can’t help…then 1 or 100 I guess coffee wouldn’t help. You know what you need to do…Just think about the outcome & go ahead. We have all right to be happy with our decisions. We owe nobody anything. We came alone on this earth & will leave alone. Enjoy Life April! Happy Valentine’s day my friend. 🙂

  2. Everything makes us who we are. I like your comparison – being that my own heritage is Italian from both the north and south. And well I could have some family with ‘darker’ roots.

    I almost upended my family a few years back and they don’t even live close. I was tired of not being accepted for who I am. And I told them I had played enough by their rules and now they were going to play by mine if..if they wanted me in their lives. Surprise! They still are.

    I still have to be careful of what I say. But I am no longer intimidated by what they couldn’t offer, and accept what they can.

    Maybe the distance helps? But maybe my own maturity does too?
    Best to you and your project. Sometimes I think we can over react. Be cautious, and move forward with grace – you can do it!

  3. Enjoyed your post and really like your fluid, easygoing writing style. No great work has been produced without the artist receiving help, and it sounds as though you have many sources of help. You are fortunate. Your talk about distractions rings true for all creative people. I remember hearing from a Zen master that when in meditation you are distracted, you should make the distraction a part of your meditation. Then it is not disruptive. I think that’s wonderful advice.

  4. Thank you for liking my post. The post you wrote is great. I can relate to the family, I used to be a film editor. It’s really hard, when you have problems within the family. I am now following your blog.

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