February 9- From a bumpy to a dynamic mood

Hello February,

have a nice week! On my side, I started with a bumpy mood: is it because I need to blow my nose every once in a while, or that I couldn’t work on my favorite café because of a demonstration or ?

I don’t know.

Anyway, I will stop complaining because of my imaginary difficulties. It is just the feeling that my concentration was running away from me. My strategy for the last two weeks has been to do what is the most important thing, and let everything else be.

But in this way, I started stressing and expecting too much from my goal no 1.

So, what is the solution?

Eat a profiterol with chocolate? Ok for today, and yesterday, but I this could become a backlash.

Relax? Instead of feeling guilty that I haven’t answered emails and contacted colleagues with all sorts of demands, I can say, guys, first things first. I have to start taking care of me, finding my balance, and then, I will get back to earth and to you.


Right now I am busy staring at the Eiffel Tower. Reading my second favorite book.


Or, I will put this important task into the bigger picture: like this is a great job, but because I want to work in this huge project that involves a lot of actions. So this is just one of them.




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