February 6- Motivation and role models

Dear February,

Do you know what works better to stimulate motivation and focus? No it isn’t guarana. It is a role model. Someone whose action, standing up to what she/he believes and working in this direction, inspires you. I am thinking of a friend, K, who started a campaign from a difficult position and is making his way through the artistic world with dignity and self-confidence. What an inspiration!

How does this affect me? It puts me in a good mood, saying, look April, there is someone else out there, I am not alone- sorry February but you are here for 28 days- Let’s transform my dreams into action! Let’s concentrate and put my ideas together! What do I do right now? I am waiting for the coffee to start operating and in the mean while, I find a moment to write a note to you. The beautiful winter sun is reaching out to me through the café window. I am in front of my computer, thanking the waiter for remembering that I like my coffee with some warm milk: “noisette”, as we say in Paris, meaning “hazelnut”.

So, thank you dear friend K for being such a hero, it makes my day! I like your style, a little bit provocative, assuming you come from a minority position, with lots of humor, active and yet never disrespectful of others.

K, you rock!



6 thoughts on “February 6- Motivation and role models

  1. My world shook when my role model was gone. Now I do things in their memory. But as you get older you have to repopulate your life. Otherwise you end up repeating my Dad’s favourite line, “You know boy, I seem to spend less time nowadays at weddings and more at funerals.”

  2. Role models are tricky for me because of all kinds of mixed feelings. I agree that they help motivate me. Sometimes, though, I feel that I ape them too much, and do less of what is “me.” Sometimes I feel jealous, angry with myself for not accomplishing as much as them. Sometimes I wish I had stronger role models who did precisely what I did because I don’t know what to do next.

    I know this is my issue–not my role models’. Ideally, I’ll be able to accept a person and their actions and learn from them and be motivated by them. I have a couple people like that in my life, and I’m grateful for them.

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