February 4- On Concentration and Focus

How is it going February?

Do you have any suggestions on focusing and concentration? I told you I have a kind of project to finish, and my brain needs to get together and bring me this genius idea hiding in there!

Thank you for another sunny and crispy cold day, by the way. If you look for me, you will find me in one of my favorite cafés, taking notes, writing, and calling up friends. But at some point I need to stop and come up with a simple, clear and extremely original proposal. The kind of thing the curator of the Beaubourg museum will invite for the next season!

So, what was your idea? Eating a lot of blueberries? Coffee and chocolate? I got that.

I read I should have stayed at home, as far as possible from noise and distractions. But I need variety.

And I also like music when I think.

But for each 40 minutes maybe, I need to be “present” in only one direction.

no concentration


3 thoughts on “February 4- On Concentration and Focus

  1. Taking notes at odd times seems to work for me. Take a nap, sometimes dreaming can offer solutions (at least for me it does) 🙂 good luck!

  2. Hector has a good idea, you can day dream too.
    Or rather focus not on the thing you wish but say a favorite book or movie. But in the back of your mind put the question ‘out there’ and let the answer come freely. 🙂

    Though last eve I had a terrible dream. A nightmare… and I think it was due to the world news. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    What about a focus on the history of Valentines?
    See my friends post here:

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